Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Update time!

Howdy guys!

It's been a couple of weeks I know and I'm sorry. It's hard to keep this blog up to date, as I have 2 others that I update daily. This place was really to talk about the stuff with Rachel that at the time I had to keep quiet.

Well given as we're pretty much together now, and everyone knows, it's not such a big deal keeping my thoughts and feelings under wraps.

But I will keep you all updated! I can of course vent a little deeper here, and it is useful. Plus I've had so many nice comments from you all (Thank you so much :D I'm really glad you enjoy my blog) it seems a shame to miss out on them ;)

So what's going on in Kit's world then? Well. I have signed my publishing contract, and I am awaiting my first Advance paycheck. I am excited. It's alot of money for me. Well. For Us.

I am buying one of these with some of the Cash -

For those of you who aren't Dawg, that is a Dodge Ram. It's beautiful.

There's a good reson for buying a pick-up truck. That reason is that me and Rachel are going travelling across Europe this summer. I will be driving for thousands of miles, and I need something sturdy, and reliable.

And god will it be sturdy when I'm finished with it.

My dad is a Mechanic, and I spent every moment I was with him from the age of 3 onwards working in his garage. I'm looking forward to having a new project.

I've managed to find a really cheap one. It's the 2001 model, and it's cheap because the suspension is cracked and it's exhaust is fucked. Off-Roading does that if your not careful.

Anyway, I can get trade prices on parts and I can do the work myself, so it will be cheap to fix up. Which leaves us more money for going away with, meaning we can stay out there longer.

So yeah! We're going travelling for months and months, just the two of us. I am so excited I can barely stay sat down. I have to wait till April till we leave, but really, given as we're over half way through February already, that isn't all that long :-D

And my god you should see the look in Rachels eyes when we talk about it. She gets all happy and excited and jumps up and down and smothers me in kisses.... I know I know too much info again :-P

I'd better get some work done now, so I'll leave you all again for a while.

Take care!

Kit xxx


Real Live Lesbian said...

Europe? I am positively green with envy!

Dawg said...

For those of you who aren't dawg .. I love it!