Thursday, 18 December 2008

two days in a row? Surely not!

I'm really tired of just moaning in here.

I know thats what I made this blog for. I have other blogs, in my real name, where I'm witty and fun.

If I can be certain I don't know you, and you're interested in reading my witty cohorts, drop me an email. I'll send you the URL's.

Dont worry. I don't expect a response ;-)

So, I'm sat at work at the moment, and I've had a stupidly productive morning. I feel a little like someone shoved a caffine filled firework up my ass.
I've done more this morning than I have in a week.

I think... it's because I'm happy :-S

**I have a great girl who is crazy for me.
**My job is going okay.
**My book publishing is going to be awesome, and it's not long until I start editing (3 weeks!)
**I'm moving out of my overpowering mothers house, and moving in with Rachel and the other house mates. Which will be awesome
** I will be getting a new motorbike in January with the first of my book payments. A nice shiny Honda CBR600.
** She's red and I called her Angie (already!) , after my favourite lady ;-)
** I'm going back home for xmas and the new year, so I'll get to see my family and friends, who I miss very much.

See? Lots of good things are happening, and very few bad things.

I am going to go and enjoy my life rocking whilst it lasts ;-)

Kit x

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