Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Looooong time no see!

Wow. So much shit has happened. I can't even think where to begin.

I split up with David.

Things went back to normailty with Rachel, we're back to just being best friends, despite the whole kissing episode. I'm fine with this, because I met the most amazing Lesbian who lives in Wales (it's a bit of a trek but she's worth it) who I am getting along with famously.

I think I'm in love already.

We've been chatting for 3 weeks now. I went to see her after we hit the 1 week mark, spent £70 on train tickets. I HAD to meet her.

We spent the most amazing 24 hours together. The sex was amazing. The conversation, dare I say it, was even better. She's beautiful, in an understated way... cute, quirky.

Only 17, which is the big issue, seeing as I'm 20.

She's still in college. I have a full time job. Still. She'll be 18 in a little over a month and then I'll feel less like a cradle snatcher. Well, until my 21st a month after that, at which point we'll be back to the 3 year age gap, lol. At least I can take her out to the pub and stuff when I take her away for a few days over Valentines.

Yes, we already have Valentines day plans.

Is it just me... or do lesbians fall in and out of love much quicker than straight women?

And why is that?

Kit x


Dawg said...

Your back :)

Sounds like things are on a good track eh?

3 years isn't cradle-robbing ... now if I was dating a 21 yr old I would be cradle-robbing! Damn I'm old.

Kit said...

They are going much better yes!

Aww you're not that old surely :-P

Kit x

Anonymous said...

i have been reading your blog for a couple of months, so hello! :)
i'm very happy for you! what's happening for you sounds so exciting.

and while a 3 year gap may SEEM bad, it really is not (i guess depending a little on personal opinion) i am almost 17 and i have dated up to 22. and in the case with the oldest person i dated, things went very well. i hope the same comes for you :)