Thursday, 5 February 2009


Yeah! We had snow!

Lots and lots and lots of it!

Theres still tons outside, and it's threatening to snow again later, which, is not great news, seeing as I am in work now, and I would like to get home to my Beautiful Rachel at some point.

Yeah. My Rachel.


Well. We're taking it very slow, until we go travelling in April. She still has alot of loose ends to tie up, and well, I think it'll take her a while to adjust.
I remember how different your first girlfriend is compared to all those blokes that came before. It's intense and scary. Perhaps I shouldn't get ahead of myself.

Anyway, she sang it to me last night. I play guitar quite often, and she sings along. It's one of those things we do to chill out. She has an amazing voice, and a real head for coming up with lyrics out of nowhere.

You should have heard her, it was beautiful. She was singing at me, looking me in the eye as she told me she wanted to be with me, and no-one else. That she was sorry for making me wait for so long, that she' s sure it's me she wants to be with.

I completely fucked up my playing at least 3 times because I was watching her so intently.

It was unbelievably romantic, we were just sat by candle light, smoking a spliff slowly together.

Well, until she curled up and fell asleep on the sofa, lol. But even then, I went and got her a blanket and covered her up, then did the washing up from the delicious dinner she cooked us, then settled down and played to her whilst she slept.

Eventually, I got tired too, and went and got my duvet to curl up on the other sofa. She woke me up at about 12.30 this morning to get into bed. So we did, and I spent the whole night cuddling her whilst she slept.

Damn I'm completely head over heels.

Kit xxx


lesbo said...

So so sweet!
Oh the beginning of a relationship is so fun!

HairDizzer said...

Awwww this post was so adorable and so romantic. I loved reading it! I can't wait to feel all those butterflies in my tummy again.. It's been a while since I have. I'm happy for you!