Monday, 10 November 2008



I uhhh, well, me and Rachel kissed last night. 15 months I've been chasing this girl. And I finally got to kiss her.
Now I have no idea where I stand. She kept mentioning it on lunch today, as if it were just another 'random' thing we did. Is she interested in me at all? If not, then she is seriously just tring to fuck with my head. She knows how I feel about her.
If she is... well... I have David to worry about. I've barely even text him since it happened. I don't know what to say to him... God I hate myself. I really never wanted to hurt him.

It's pretty inevitable now.

I'm going to Rachels tonight. I need to find out where I stand.

Kit x

P.S. The ex had her baby on Thursday. She is blissfully happy. Yay.

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